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Experience: Projects




Branding is an important component to the retail market.  In addition to the physical requirements of a retail client, the final design should also be consistent with the marketing goals of the business.  Some retail work we've done include:

- Retails Shops

- Restaurants

- Pharmacies

- Fitness Centers


Research Triangle Park is rich with a variety of private companies that require cutting-edge research facilities.  These projects are specific to unique processes while providing flexibility as needs and technology change.  Some types of projects include:

- Pharmaceutical

- Radiation Imaging

- Medical Devices

- Building System Controls


Places of worship are as unique as each congregation.  Understanding a group's beliefs and rituals is critical to creating a design that matches the needs of the project.  We have provided many different types of services for churches and synagogues:

- Sanctuaries

- Fellowship Halls

- Classrooms

- Building Maintenance


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